Friday, April 23, 2010

Catch Up

So I was messing around on facebook when Mr. turns to me and asks have I been keeping up with my blogging. I said no and he informed me that I needed to get caught up :) Ya gotta love him. Well, it has been 10 days since my last blog, so I will just do highlights.

Last weekend we went to a cookout and had a great time. I met some wives on facebook and it was really nice to actually get to meet them and spend some time with women! I feel like I am always surrounded by men! They all had kids, which is cool, but sometimes I feel like we are the odd couple out. Pretty much all of our friends are single or have families. We are just not there yet; we have too many things we want to do and I don't want to drag a baby around to do them... but anyways...

Irie has decided that he likes pooping on the carpet of the downstairs hallway :( This does not make me happy. He has been rather crabby lately and we don't know how to get him to behave :( Last week after Mr. mowed, Irie had hulk hands and feet- He dug the grass clippings until he was partially green. Since I don't want to fight with him in baths as much, I decided to shave him :) He is now our naked little rat. Here he is with his little green paws next to his daddy's green shoes.

We have had some left over gift cards from our wedding, so we went shopping :) We got a really cute patio table with four chairs and a charcoal grill! We were very excited about the grill and wanted to cook out the night we bought it. We had our grill, the charcoal, lighter fluid, hot dogs, and hamburgers... then we realized that neither of us had ever had an active part at cooking on a grill, you gotta love us. I don't think we cooked them the right way, but they got cooked and were tasty. For desert, I grilled apples in cinnamon and brown sugar and we ate it on top of ice cream - YUMMY!

I have to talk about my awesome culinary skills, LoL. I wanted homemade chicken fingers, but I was out of Bisquick and bread crumbs. I was awesome and made my own bread crumbs! The turned out so much tastier than store bought and I was so proud of myself. Here is my homemade cooking: chicken fingers, Mexican cornbread, and greens :) A little bit of Southern cooking all the way up here

Today marks the end of our first three day weekend together. Mr.'s squadron has started 4 days on and 3 days off which is pretty nice so far. He is off Wednesday -Friday so we are probably going to get our days all mixed up with our "weekend" not being the real weekend. We had such a great time together and I got to decorate our house a little bit. I love our house, but we have cookie cutter base housing and I want it a little bit more personalized.

Here is part of our new patio table. I can't wait for it to quit raining so we can use it again :)

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  1. hey there, just wanted to drop you a line about travelling with kids! If you keep them in the car everyday they will get use to travelling with you, I think my kids have been in the car most days of their life. Anthony and I are definitely a travelling family. I would also like to say that we definitely enjoyed having you and your husband visiting the other weekend, we'll have to do it again sometime! I am thinking about hosting a bbq this weekend if the weather is alright. I'll keep you posted. Take care girl and I sent you the recipe for doodles, enjoy!