Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ode to Cheese Dip

I slept good last night!! Finally!!
SO I felt a whole lot better today. I got the house cleaned up pretty nice today (pat on the back). I even went and worked out! Kerry is helping Lannin do some work on his car; dinner is going to be later than what I had planned.

And on to my overwhelming thought of the day:


I want good Mexican restaurant cheese dip; the kind that is white and has peppers in it. The yummy dip that I think I used to eat my weight in during my many visits to my favorite Mexican restaurant. I can't even find the right cheese in order to make it at home.

Dear cheese dip: I miss you so very much. Please do not think I have turned my back on you for other cheese dips... As soon as I can, we will be together again. By the way.. I'm drooling over this picture.

OK.. Now that I sound crazy, I'm going to go start cooking my fajitas.

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