Monday, May 03, 2010

Fixing our Budget


 I don't like the word. I don't like the concept. I think it should be classified as a four letter word.

Why can't we just have infinite funds in our bank account? I love having money in the bank. I am the saver, and Kerry is the spender; at least we are opposites when it comes to that so we balance each other out. We are making small changes each month and we are really making progress on our budget. I would feel a whole lot better about everything though if I could just get a job here as a sonographer, I'm still optimistic : )

We have been eating out at a minimum and I have been doing good ole home cooking at a maximum. It feels good to cook. I am finally getting a passion for cooking. I have been cooking meals in bulk in order to freeze them to have healthy convenient options even when I don't feel like cooking. We are also trying to cook healthier with whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

I have been searching recipes on-line and I have fallen in love with with the site; it is awesome. I have found so many good recipes I have tried and cannot wait to try. I am thinking about posting a page on my blog for recipes.

The one good thing that has come about from budgetting is: cooking at home. Not only is it a HUGE money saver, but I know we don't have all sorts of unhealthy things going into our bodies. Cooking at home makes me feel like a good house wife :)


  1. I love I mean LOVE. Budgeting is difficult and even with the budget it feels like its still just barely scraping by. It could always be worse though right?

    ♥ Mrs. S.

  2. I love too! I always go there if i need something new to make =)