Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Weekend

Mr. and I had a wonderful weekend! I was kinda sad that it was only a two day week end, but we crammed a whole lot into it.

We started the weekend on Wednesday after work. MARIO PARTY! Yes, so we are addicted.

Thursday we started with a lazy day and then got super busy. Mr. decided he wanted to go to a concert that night, so we got our buts into gear and went and bought tickets. We had like 3 hours until the concert, so we killed time in town. We went to Coldstone because one of Mr.'s friends said it was good. Good is an understatement! It was the best ice cream I have ever put in my mouth. That is truly a statement when you come from the South and have eaten a lot of homemade ice cream in your life. I had banana with extra bananas and Reese cup folded into it inside of a waffle cone. Wow, it was awesome. There was a furniture store across the road, so we went there to kill some more time. The were having a huge sale, so we decided to try to find some living room furniture. We have been looking for living room furniture since the beginning on March - yes it is that hard to please us. We finally found a couch and love seat that we both liked and was in our budget!! I was beyond excited when we paid for it and scheduled delivery. After it is delivered, I will post pictures. After leaving there, it was off to the concert. The concert featured The Letter Black, Red, and Skillet. I have never listened to ANY music from ANY of the bands, so I wasn't tremendously excited for the concert. It was really loud, I am not a big rock fan. I soon appreciated that they were Christian rock bands because there songs weren't filled with foul language and ugly messages towards women. I decided that, excluding old rock bands that I love, that was probably the best rock concert I will ever go to. Now for the song I enjoyed the most (Prepare yourself) "Enter Sandman" yep they did a Metallica cover and it was great; and it was the only song sung that I had ever hear of. After the concert it was off to home to sleep with Irie.

We had a great Thursday together!
Now onto Friday! Friday we tried to get Mr.'s finance stuff situated. Ugh, I wish it would get situated already. Then I went to the Spouse Meet and Greet! A lot of us met up to have lunch and bowl. I think we all had a good time and it was SO nice spending time with girls! I met some great people and I hope to get to hang out with them soon. Afterwards, one of the girls brought her puppy over for a play date with Irie. I really don't think he understands that teasing a pit bull is not very smart, but we all had a good time. For dinner I broiled some fish and it turned out yummy. For our weekend finale, we went to the base theater and watched "Clash of the Titans." It was really good.

Saturday I woke up to a surprise.  My  eyes were all swollen again! How crazy is that?! I have decided that I am very allergic to something out here in South Dakota. I took allergy medicine and got to feeling better though. Then Saturday night we played MARIO PARTY :)
I will end with a cute picture of my boys together!

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