Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random Catch Up

So, I LOVE MARIO PARTY 8!!! It is so awesome! I wasn't sure if I would like it when I got it for Mother's Day, but it is so much fun! There are different "boards" you can play on, I think I am going to get Mr. to play it with me again when I finish here :) If you have a WII, I would suggest this game!

On to air line anger. Last night we dropped Mr.'s friend off at the airport so he could go home to see his sister graduate. After leaving the airport, we had to turn around and pick him back up. The airline had over booked by THIRTY seats!! Seriously!?!? I think that is ridiculous, Mr. had to have him back at the airport at 530ish this AM. Boo. But we went  back to bed when he got home :)

We made sausage balls together this morning and they were yummy! We were going to let little man help, but I think his paws are a little dirty and hairy for cooking :) LoL. The sausage balls turned out a whole lot better than my lemon cake. My cake stuck on the bottom even though I greased the pan :( I tore it into little pieces and melted lemon icing on top of it. It wasn't the cake I had in mind when Mr. said he wanted lemon on lemon, but it is edible!

That is all for this crazy random blog...



  1. MMM sausage balls. I have been craving sausage for the last few days so bad! I also love lemon on lemon! I have this amazing recipe for lemon cookies with lemon icing that uses real lemon zest. If I find it I will share it with you!!

  2. Sounds good, Mr. LOVES lemon cake.

  3. Hey I was wondering how you did you button for your Blog I found a picture I just am not sure how to do the code or where I put it in the gadgets?