Saturday, May 01, 2010

Road Trip to Badlands

Since yesterday was Mr.'s Friday, I had to separate him from our Irie man so we could get out for some time alone. Once I got him going, we decided to go on a little road trip.

As we were driving, the sky started looking kinds stormy. Kerry obviously doesn't think I'm made of sugar anymore, so we continued our drive with the open sun roof :)

We headed out to the Badlands. Right before we got to the point where they take your entrance fee, we saw this sign:

?!?!?! The prairie dogs have the plague??? How crazy is that? Poor little prairie dogs, maybe they just need some chicken noodle soup. This definitely helped me decide to steer clear of those little guys.

The variety of landscapes in The Badlands is incredible. It was beyond beautiful - and it was horribly overcast, I can't imagine how beautiful it would be on a sunny day. There were areas of layered sediment that looked like we were on a different planet.

Then... There were buffamooses!! It was crazy/scary/awesome all rolled up in one! And we were driving and one of them (I named him Herman) walked out in front of our car! It was so scary seeing it up so close, it was insanely huge. LoL, my last picture here is all blurry because I couldn't quit shaking. Half of me wanted to jump out of the car and pet Herman and the other half wanted to jump into the back center seat so I would be safe if he attacked the car!

We came up on the prairie dog village and of course, Mr. jumped out of the car because he wanted a close up. Yes, he read the sign about prairie dog plague, what can I say. The prairie dogs where not like the ones we saw in the zoo. These prairie dogs we short and fat with long skinny tails. They were pretty camera shy, but Kerry got a good picture of one of their little homes.

After a day of sight seeing, we went to the movies and watched Bounty Hunter and it was pretty good for our date night movie. Ahh.. I love my little family!

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