Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Recipe - Potato Candy

Potato candy is a yummy treat that I would eat at my baby sitter's house when I was little, and no, it tastes nothing like potatoes.

Here is what you need:


It is important for the potato to be as dry as possible.
Used a fork to poke holes all over the potato and placed it on a microwavable plate.
Microwave for 3 minutes, flip potato over and microwave another 3 minutes.
Use a fork to flatten potato on plate and place into freezer until cold.
It is important for the potato to be cold or it won't react to the sugar appropriately.
Use a hand mixer until potatoes are smooth, then begin slowly adding the powdered sugar.
When beginning to add sugar, the mixture will look gooey, but that is OK.
Add sugar until the mixture is thick and firm, you may not have to add all of the sugar but it is good to have it on hand just in case.
Once the mixture is firm, place the mixture into the freezer until cold.
Get a large piece of wax paper and spread on counter and coat with a layer of powdered sugar.
Dump mixture on top of the powdered sugar, cover in powdered sugar and roll flat into a rectangle.
Let mixture cool in the freezer again.
Spread with peanut butter all over the mixture as thick as desired.
Then roll like a jelly roll.
Cover in wax paper and leave in freezer until firm.
Slice into bite size pieces and enjoy!

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