Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ode to My Husband

Sometimes people go on and on about their husbands, and sometimes I just roll my eyes. Today I am going to be one of those people. Just thought I would warn you, so you could turn away from my page if you want to.

Mr. makes me smile more than any other person ever has or probably ever will. He brings out that fire and craziness in me that no one else ever has. We are so different yet the same; we bring out the best in each other and wow, I just love that man like crazy.

Yesterday was Military Spouse Appreciation Day, happy late MSAD to all the military spouses out there! It was Mr.'s last day off the the week, so we spent the day together. The swelling in my face wasn't as bad yesterday (it is gone today), so we went shopping! The BX and commissary are having a case lot sale, so I had to check it out. But wait, it was snowing and hailing! Yes, on May 7th, there was snow and hail coming down from the sky. We definitely are not in The South anymore.

Saying that I love when he goes shopping with me is an understatement. I don't know why I love shopping with him, but it is just so much fun to shop with him :) Yesterday he bought me Rock Band 2 (because I have wanted one for a LONG time) and a 500GB hard disk (because I need to clean off all of my camera memory cards). Then we went grocery shopping, yummy. I love how he spoils me!  We are still using our budget, but sometimes we just have to splurge.

I hope you noticed my new cute layout around here. That is my wonderful Mr. also!! I downloaded some stuff from ShabbyBlogs and I was so excited about adding them here on my blog, but for some reason my computer screwed the colors up every time I tried to add it. I was so frustrated I was getting ready to throw the laptop, then he came to my rescue :) He took it to paint and fixed all the colors and lines for me! Yes, he is awesome like that and it makes me love him even more.

Now is time for me to be a good little house wife and clean up around the house.

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