Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I hate to say this, but Memorial Day means a different thing to me this year.
Up until this year, Memorial Day was a long weekend and a reason to have a cook out.
Did I ever stop to think about the reason for the occasion. No.

This year I am a military wife.
This past year, I have met women who have lost their husbands.
I have heard stories of children who have lost their fathers.
I have changed over the past year.

I think of those who gave their life and their families every day.
Seriously, not a day goes by that I don't.
My heart feels like it is crushing when I think of how lucky I am.

I appreciate the little things.
The cooking for a get together with friends.
The harnessing Irie up for a family walk.
Lying in Mr. arms and falling asleep.

If there were not brave men and women who had laid down there lives,
I wouldn't be able to appreciate these things.

Thank You For All Of The Sacrifices.

Zac Brown "Chicken Fried"
I thank God for my life
And for the stars and stripes

May freedom forever fly let it ring.

Salute the ones who died

And the ones that gave their lives so we don`t have to sacrifice

All the things we love

Like our chicken fried


Kerry and I watched Taking Chance last night.
Since it is Memorial Day, I decided to review it here.
This is an emotional movie about the escort of a killed in action Marine back to his home town.
This is not a block buster movie; it is a slow paced movie.
It is a beautiful, emotional movie and I am glad I watched it.
It is a movie entirely about paying respect to the fallen Marine.
All and all I would recommend watching this movie.


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  1. I've heard wonderful things about that movie. I'm excited to see it. I'm with you on seeing things differently. This year I am an AF wife and my heart aches daily. Thanks for sharing!